Glenn Fleshler narrates Boston Bruins playoff commercials (Video)

The Boston Bruins are in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs this year and they dipped into the True Detective talent pool to help hype their fans for the upcoming games. While and interesting choice, the Bruins tabbed actor Glenn Fleshler to narrate a pair of commercials to hype the Bruins trip to the postseason — which means Errol is the voice of the Bruins postseason run.

Glenn Fleshler isn’t in character as Errol, obviously, but it’s interesting that he went from playing one of the creepiest characters we’ve seen in a while to narrating an NHL team’s playoff video.

This is great for Glenn Fleshler, as he was so memorable as Errol that he needs to distance himself from that role as to not be tethered to it too closely for the remainder of his career. It’s not that he should be ashamed of the role, because that’s not the case, rather we’ve seen actors not be able to separate themselves from classic roles they’ve had and Errol is up there as both memorable and creepy.

Luckily for Fleshler, the Bruins have given him a chance to go the polar opposite direction of Errol as being associated with a legendary hockey club is a good way to down play your association to a creeper of a character.

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