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True Detective won’t be coming to Amazon Prime in new HBO pact

HBO and Amazon have struck massive deal that will allow Amazon Prime to house and stream classic HBO shows from years past. The deal is being sold as HBO coming to Amazon Prime but that’s not exactly true as one of the biggest shows won’t be making the leap.

Per Variety:

And there’s more. The deal also excludes new and future shows on HBO — so that means “True Detective” and “Silicon Valley,” for example, are not ever going to be coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video either. (Again, under the terms of the present deal, which could be renewed at some point.)

There’s a few things to take away from that, but the main thing is that True Detective will remain exclusively available on HBO Go and won’t be ported to Amazon Prime. This is understandable though as HBO needs to retain some sort of value on their streaming app and can’t hand over everything to Amazon.

But this is also just the first portion of what could be a long standing deal. The Sopranos isn’t a small show as many consider it to be the greatest to have ever aired and it’s being ported to Amazon, so there is hope that True Detective will eventually make it over.

Still, by the time it does it will already be out on Blu-ray and already on sale a few times so the need for it to be on Amazon doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

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