True Detective helped boost Time Warner quarterly earnings

Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO

While HBO may not be airing new episode of True Detective until 2015, the show continues to garner accolades of all sorts thanks to it’s amazing first season run. The Emmy Awards are a ways off, a night in which the show will likely dominate conversation, but True Detective is already on the good side of one cable provider as the series helped Time Warner Cable boost their first quarter earnings.

Per Newsday:

Home Box Office scored with “True Detective,” the most-watched freshman series in the cable network’s history. Bewkes said that “Game of Thrones” continues its surge, with its Season 4 premiere earlier this month drawing HBO’s biggest audience since “The Sopranos” finale. Revenue at HBO increased 9 percent to $1.3 billion.

This seems like something that fans wouldn’t care about but this is the type of thing that keeps shows going strong. It’s not as though the series wasn’t going to come back for a second season, but as long as it remains insanely profitable there will be no reasons for HBO to ween us off of it unless they decide to wrap the series’ run.

That likely won’t happen as long as the show posts marks that keep the cable providers happy and True Detective continues to dominate in every aspect.

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