Fargo garnering critical praise thanks to True Detective


This past week saw yet another episode of the FX series Fargo and critics continue to fawn over what they are seeing. The appreciation for the series is justifiable, as Fargo is by far the hit of the month when it comes to new shows as the characters are brilliant, the story is dark and the overall quality of the show is outstanding.

Naturally, there are now comparisons being drawn between Fargo and True Detective and that’s a credit to both shows and how well they’re being done.

But it’s more of testament to the greatness of True Detective though, as the fact that critics are turning to the series to supply an example of what a great series looks like is pretty telling of how well respected the HBO show is. Let’s not take too much away from Fargo though, as the show is great as a stand alone without being tethered to True Detective.

Still, it’s interesting to wonder if True Detective possibly stole some of Fargo‘s thunder by coming first and paving the way. Had Fargo come out before True Detective, would we be looking at Fargo and Billy Bob Thornton the way we’re looking at the HBO series and Matthew McConaughey?

That seems like a loaded question, as the performances and shows stand on their own, but it’s hard to separate them. At the end of the day, without having to choose sides or say who gets credit for the success, let’s just be happy that both shows are leading the way of high quality television that can tell a story in one season and then leave behind a lasting legacy.

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