True Detective won't have female leads in season two

There have been plenty of rumors about the second season of True Detective and who will be cast in the show, none of which has turned out to be true. From the Brad Pitt rumors to the Jessica Chastain story, no one has been cast in True Detective and it appears that everything we’ve been hearing about the show has been false.

After the Calgary Herald pointed out that series creator Nic Pizzolatto denied all casting rumors, he went ahead and denied the rumor that the second season will have female lead characters. He didn’t dismiss the rumors that there will be female characters in the show but didn’t say that both leads will be filled with female characters.

Pizzolatto also dismissed rumours that the second season will have a female-led cast.

“Again, it’s a rumour with no basis in fact,” Pizzolatto says. “There is a strong (lead) female character. But I wouldn’t say it is female-led or anything like that.”

The second season is likely going to start casting soon and that means we can expect to hear some kind of news shortly. But so far it seems figuring out what the new season will be about and who will be in it is as much a mystery as the one Rust and Marty were trying to solve in season one.

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