Matthew McConaughey Gives Lengthy SAG Interview About Career (Video)

Matthew McConaughey has had an interesting career to follow as he’s been to the top of the Hollywood blockbuster mountain and to the depths of romantic comedy hell, but he’s back on top and his rise from the ashes has been amazing to watch over the last few years.

The biggest break of his career came not in the 90s when he landed leading roles or in the 2000s when he was collecting fat checks for producing garbage cinema, rather it came with the agreement to do an HBO show called True Detective. In combination with his stellar performance in Dallas Buyers Club that won him an Oscar, it’s truly been the year of McConaughey and it’s never going to get old hearing him talk about it.

Check out this lengthy interview in which McConaughye digs deep into his roots to bring us literally up to the point where his career exploded.

The interesting part about this is that it was conducted in January 2014 a day before True Detective would air for the first time on HBO and change McConaughye’s career forever. It’s cool to see him talking about his career with such pride when we all know that things are about to get so much sweeter for him over the course of the next two months after this interview took place.

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