Is Star Power Too Important for True Detective at the Emmy's?

We’re three short days away from the Emmy nominations being announced and speculation is currently through the roof. Variety columnist Brian Lowry recently posted five predictions that he feels are air-tight, and True Detective is mentioned. Although the article is mostly a vague, big-picture piece, Fargo and True Detective are both mentioned for their star power. We’re all familiar with the stars involved with both series, but there is obviously more going on their than simple star power. Of series that are expected to be ignored, both Orphan Black and The Walking Dead make an appearance due to their nature as genre shows.

It’s sad to see good shows go ignored, but it raises an interesting question: when it comes to an Emmy, is star power really the most that True Detective has to offer? True Detective is not sci-fi or fantasy, though it at times gently flirts with those genres. Beyond that, it is a hard-boiled detective show, which hasn’t exactly proven to be hugely popular. It’s unfortunately possible that if True Detective didn’t at least have Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey in the bag it wouldn’t be nominated at all. Do you think there is any truth in that? Or do you believe the story and performances would speak for themselves, regardless of big name actors?

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