True Detective Director Cary Fukunaga Also Knows Nothing About Season Two

It turns out that creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto is a bit more tight-lipped over True Detective details than we may have originally imagined.

Fukunaga, who directed the entire first season and is up for a well-deserved Emmy, admitted to Vanity Fair that he knows almost nothing when it comes to season two:

“I have the excuse of having been out of the loop, because I’ve been in Africa the last five months…The scripts aren’t done yet, you know, they’re still trying to figure out talent and the pilot…”

Fukunaga has been shooting a film in Africa starring Idris Elba titled Beasts of No Nation. So, yes, he does technically have an excuse for being in the dark.

But it is interesting how even those closely involved with season one know just as much as we do, or even less, about season two. Unfortunately Fukunaga won’t be returning the director’s chair this time around, but he is currently attached as an Executive Producer.

You can check out the full article over at Vanity Fair, though it is otherwise light on True Detective.

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