True Detective Creator Nic Pizzolatto Things Matthew McConaughey Should "E.G.O.T"

As part of The Hollywood Reporter’s recent cover story on Nic Pizzolatto, they posted a short clip of him being asked if McConaughey should continue his success and go for the E.G.O.T. In case you’ve never heard the term before, E.G.O.T refers to those that have an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. McConaughey is set to compete against Woody Harrelson for Best Actor in a Drama come Emmy time. Head on over to The Hollywood Reporter to watch the short clip. The cover story makes Pizzolatto seem like a rather serious fellow, so it’s nice to see him joke around and crack a smile.

The Emmy awards will take place August 25th. And in case you were curious, only 12 actors have ever gotten an E.G.O.T, including the eternally beloved Mel Brooks.

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