Is True Detective's Second Season Back to Three Leads?

It’s been a bit of a wild ride when it comes to news of True Detective’s second season. There’s been a noticeable blackout on details, and when something does slip it tends to go through several permutations. Enter True Detective casting. We’ve gone from two female leads, to three leads, to eventually four leads as stated by creator Nic Pizzolatto himself, and then back down to three. You’d be forgiven for getting confused in all the mess.

Three leads were confirmed earlier in The Hollywood Reporter, and one of them is female. That one may or may not be Elisabeth Moss, but it’s looking more likely that it won’t be. The numbers have changed so frequently that nothing seems to be set in stone until HBO makes an official cast announcement.

As was previously thought, it looks like HBO is going to remain tight-lipped until right around the Emmy’s. So regardless of whether or not True Detective takes home some major wins, expect to at least have a firm grasp on the form that season two is going to take.

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