David Lynch says he's a fan of True Detective

David Lynch is a strange filmmaker but he’s one of the most brilliant minds to have come around over the last 50 years. His work over the years has ranged from strange to bizarre and disbturbing but the Oscar nominated filmmaker has so much talent to spare that it’s not a shock he’s still going strong today.

But Lynch has downtime every so often and when he’s not working, he’s apparently watching True Detective.

According to an interview with The Daily Beast, Lynch is a huge fan of True Detective, which isn’t at all that surprising.

I haven’t seen The Killing and Broadchurch, so I can’t really comment on those. I liked True Detective. I basically liked the two characters, so that was the best part of it for me.

Lynch was famous int he 1990s for creating Twin Peaks, which is a show that many see parallels to True Detective in. That’s why he was asked about True Detective as the show shares a lot of similarities with Twin Peaks — which is a massive compliment for a show to receive.

He may not be directing any episodes of True Detective in the near future, but Lynch is a fan of the show and that’s major validation for a season that riffed on elements of Lynch’s greatest television project.

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