Breaking Bad Team Thought True Detective Would Take the Emmy

Color us surprised on this one. Around here we were fairly certain that True Detective would be unable to break away from the juggernaut that is Breaking Bad, but apparently the folks behind Breaking Bad didn’t quite feel the same way. According to Time, both Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan thought that True Detective had it in the bag. Gilligan seemed especially surprised:

“I felt like there was an awful lot of groundswell for True Detective, which was an excellent show and a worthy show, and I thought, ‘We’ve been off the air now for a year and a half.’”

That’s a nice bump from someone who has recently become something of an icon. Breaking Bad has become an a well-deserved awarding winning phenomenon, so it’s nice to see that even its creator was surprised that it wasn’t overtaken by True Detective.

Assuming True Detective’s second season is as creatively rich as the first, it may have more of a lock on the Emmy’s next year. With Breaking Bad finally moving out of the spotlight, True Detective should hopefully be able to fully prove its worthiness.

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