Now You Can Learn all About Leonard Cohen’s “Nevermind,” the True Detective Season Two Title Song

There’s something about Leonard Cohen that is a perfect fit for True Detective. The singer-songwritter is known for his deep, gravely voice and poetic lyrics. The song that was eventually chosen to be True Detective season two’s opener, “Nevermind,” is a worthy distillation of some of Cohen’s more noir tendencies.

Business Insider have put together a piece on “Nevermind” and its origins, while also dipping into the rich history of Leonard Cohen. It should be said that Cohen is something of a legend, especially compared to the indie sounds of the Handsome Family’s “Far From Any Road.”

Going from a small band like The Handsome Family to Leonard Cohen is definitely making a statement. The True Detective crew, or perhaps just Nic Pizzolatto and T. Bone Burnett, likely labored over the song choice for some time. The opening credits of True Detective have practically taken on a life of their own, and expectations for season two were high.

Just like any other aspect of True Detective, of course, the song choice was kept secret until the very last-minute. We were only given a hint as to what it might be when an entertainment reporter tweeted it days before the premiere.

If you have even a passing interest in Leonard Cohen, or perhaps just the song itself, we strongly recommend heading over to Business Insider to give it a read. In our humble opinion Leonard Cohen is the perfect fit for True Detective, and “Nevermind” was an inspired choice.