Here’s How Many Cigarettes Rust Cohle Smokes in True Detective

A new fan video shows just how many on-screen cigarettes Rust smokes throughout True Detective.

The second season of True Detective didn’t have a Rust Cohle replacement character, which is a good thing. Nic Pizzolatto is likely wise enough to know that Rust was a once-in-a-series character and should not be copied. Throughout the first season of True Detective, Rust philosophizes, fights, drinks, and smokes. He smokes a lot.

Brave YouTube user EchoEdits7 has gone through True Detective and faithfully documented every single cigarette that Rust smokes. To be fair, the first season takes place over the course of several years, so that’s worth keeping in mind.

It adds up to a total of cigarettes. That number likely pales in comparison to the number of cigarettes a guy like Rust would smoke in total — these are just the ones we see. This is far from the first time that a fan has attempted to count the amount of times a character indulges a vice in a movie or a TV show.

The same thing has been done with the excellent British gem, Withnail and I. Behold:

There’s also a drinking game associated with Withnail and I, though we don’t condone attempting it. It’s rough stuff.

Rust’s cigarette smoking isn’t actually that in impressive all-in-all, but forty instances does feel significant. True Detective season two hasn’t had the legs that season one has had, and it certainly hasn’t spawned fan videos like this. At least it has had some great spoofs.

Part of the clip also functions as a quasi Best of Rust Cohle as well, so that’s nice. Now if someone would put together a video of all that times Marty looks like he wants to destroy someone, that would be great.


That’s some classic Marty-hate face right there. Get on it, True Detective fans.