The Trailer for Doctor Strange is Here, and it Brought Rachel McAdams

The first teaser trailer for Doctor Strange premiered last night, and there is actually a shot of Rachel McAdams.

Superhero fever is a real thing, and it’s here. Marvel will unleash Captain America: Civil War next month, Doctor Strange in November, and then Guardians of the Galaxy Next Year. After that, expect to see at least one major superhero movie every year until you’re dead. Probably.

Rachel McAdams made headlines when she signed on for Doctor Strange. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that she’s been on a roll lately; True Detective to Spotlight and then directly to Doctor Strange. The first trailer for Doctor Strange premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. Check it out:

It’s a fairly by-the-numbers trailer experience. Cue the epic music and an origin story based around an accident, and there you have it — one superhero movie. There’s also a Matrix-esque scene with Tilda Swinton. Rachel McAdams doesn’t play a huge part in the trailer. In fact, she’s only in it for a single scene. Still, it’s a better look than the first trailer for Fantastic Beasts gave us of Colin Farrell.

Rachel McAdams’ character hasn’t yet been officially confirmed by Marvel, though there have been a number of rumors surrounding her. The only thing that’s made clear by the trailer is that McAdams will play a nurse who ends up involved with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Steven Strange after his accident.

Coming soon after the new trailer for Suicide Squad, the trailer for Doctor Strange doesn’t hit the same highs. For fans of the magician, however, it’s a big deal. Hopefully the next several trailers — there will be at least that many — capture a different sort of spirit. Looking past the over-epic flavor, Cumberbatch appears to be a mean match for the titular character.

Marvel hasn’t dropped the ball yet, so there’s no reason to believe Doctor Strange will disappoint.