Alexandra Daddario’s Baywatch Reboot Was at CinemaCon

CinemaCon saw the premiere of the first Baywatch footage starring The Rock and Alexandra Daddario.

It’s probably true that there are few people out there that were actively asking for a reboot of Baywatch. The fact remains that it’s happening, and there’s anything we can do about it now except hope it ends up being halfway decent. At this stage in her career, Baywatch is perfectly within Alexandra Daddario’s wheelhouse.

The first footage of Baywatch was shown at CinemaCon, and fortunately — or unfortunately — the film seems to be in-line with current R-rate comedies. Also, Baywatch will be rated R, and for good reason. It will apparently be more in the style of the 21 Jump Street movies than the original, so fans of those movies have something to look forward to.

Check out a clip of Alexandra Daddario on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Is it weird that Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson work together as lifeguards? There’s almost a twenty year difference between the two. This obviously isn’t the type of movie that’s going to stand up to such levels of scrutiny, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good time.

Apparently Johnson and the cast had a video presentation as well, and they will be there in person to introduce the film next spring ahead of its 2017 summer release. The trailer has not yet had a public release, though it likely won’t be too much longer until we can get a look.

If Baywatch does well, and there’s not really any reason to believe that it won’t, it could potentially kick off a franchise like 21 Jump Street. The Baywatch franchise was at one time a behemoth, after all. If Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario can continue braving disasters together, they can probably keep running on beaches to keep them safe together as well.

When the first trailer for Baywatch is finally released, you can be sure we’ll be here to talk about it.

Via: Variety