This Week in True Detective: We Found Kelly Reilly Edition

This Week in True Detective brings the best of True Detective news from the past week.

This week saw the release of two highly anticipated trailers that involve True Detective actors, but it also saw some movement from Kelly Reilly. Reilly hasn’t been up to much since filming season two of True Detective, but that looks to be changing. Oh, and there was also something about Matthew McConaughey and The Dark Tower. We care about that, right?

First up, a new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiered, and it actually had Colin Farrell in it. Not only is he in it, but he is also responsible for the voiceover in the beginning. Speaking of trailers, The Doctor Strange trailer landed this week. It didn’t really click like the other Marvel trailers, but at least Rachel McAdams was in it.

We wondered if True Detective season three will be blessed with leaks like season two was. Or cursed, depending on your point of view. Going back to season one, a fan made a video counting all of the cigarettes that Rust smokes on-screen. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.


Kelly Reilly is all-but-confirmed for a new period drama miniseries on Skye called Britannia. It likely won’t do her career in the U.S much good, but it’s also nice to see her in something. Reilly is a vastly underrated actor, and hopefully Britannia will put her to good use.

Alexandra Daddario and Dwayne Johnson’s reboot of Baywatch was at CinemaCon. There was a closed-doors trailer that hasn’t been released to the public yet, but apparently the movie will have a similar tone to 21 Jump Street and other modern comedies. In other actor news, Matthew McConaughey’s The Dark Tower has started principal photography. A trailer won’t be far off at this point.

Finally, Oliva Munn posted a very interesting photo to Instagram titled “True Detective season 3.” It featured Jason Bateman and T.J Miller. Some blogs out there ran with the angle that Munn was teasing a casting announcement, but we’re here to assure you that was not the case.

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