USA Today Has an Exclusive Clip of Vince Vaughn’s Term Life

Vince Vaughns’ new movie, Term Life, is getting a bit more press.

Vince Vaughn is trying to take his career in a new direction, and that has so far translated into a slew of drama projects starting with True Detective. His next film, Term Life, is releasing soon — April 29th soon — but it hasn’t been getting much attention. The one trailer that has been released hasn’t been on TV, and there haven’t been the usual billboards and posters.

That can mostly be attributed to the film’s indie status, and maybe a more dramatic Vince Vaughn isn’t yet a safe bet for studios. Either way, Term Life comes out at the end of this month and it would be a safe bet to say that most people haven’t heard of it. That could start to change, as USA Today nabbed an exclusive clip to share.

USA Today’s video isn’t embed friendly, so you’ll have to head over there to check it out. The clip finds Vaughn’s character (Nick Barrow) speaking with Jonathon Banks (Harper), who Breaking Bad fans will recognize as Mike. Nick wants Harper to help him out, but of course he has to impress him first. You know, by shooting at a target with excellent accuracy. Is that a humble brag?


Harper also says what we’re all thinking and calls out Nick on his horrible haircut. The entire clip is less than two minutes, but it feels like it does a good job of accurately representing the tone of the movie. It’s set to be a drama, for sure, but there are some lighthearted moments like the this one.

Term Life likely isn’t going to serve as Vince Vaughn’s big break into drama, but it could be a small stepping stone if everything goes well. Unfortunately this feels like the type of movie that will disappear from theaters quickly, though maybe it will be given another life on VOD.

It might be a little too early to call it, but we dare you to ask three people who have heard of this movie. You’ll see what we mean.