Watch the First Trailer for The Magnificent Seven

The first teaser trailer for The Magnificent Seven has landed.

As far as the public is concerned, Nic Pizzolatto doesn’t have all that much going on right now. He has stayed silent since the end of True Detective‘s second season, though the chances are high that he has been working on projects away from the public’s prying eye. Once upon a time, Nic Pizzolatto worked on the script for a reboot of The Magnificent Seven.

His work has been reworked on since then by other writers, including the writer of The Blind Side and Saving Mr. Banks. That type of work is far removed from what Nic Pizzolatto usually turns in, so it will be interesting to see how The Magnificent Seven avoids becoming a hodgepodge of ideas. We won’t have to wait all that much longer to find out, as the first trailer has just landed:

This first trailer just gives us the general setup — Denzel Washington’s character assembles a team of skilled killers to take back a town. The cast is a colorful ensemble and hopefully that comes through in the actual movie. Teaser trailers are generally just used to create hype, so that certainly explains the epic tone.

Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt get the lion’s share of screen time here, which makes sense since one is a Hollywood legend and the other is currently the hottest thing on the block. The others are relegated to short flashes. Hopefully other trailers will show off the cast; we wouldn’t mind individual teasers for each member of the team.

The Magnificent Seven looks to be an action extravaganza, but it will take a deft hand to make sure it doesn’t end up bloated. This was once a Nic Pizzolatto movie, but for whatever reason that didn’t pan out. Perhaps Pizzolatto’s version wasn’t quite as jam-packed, but at this point we’ll never know.