Take a Trip to the Set of Vince Vaughn’s Term Life

Vince Vaughn’s new drama, Term Life, is coming soon. Bask in some new details.

Vine Vaughn has made it clear that he wants to do drama now. He’s done, or at least temporarily done, with the sort of comedy that made him famous. That’s fine with us, since that version of Vaughn has been getting a bit tired. Bring on the new, or in this case, bring on the old, since Vaughn used to do drama many moons again.

Cinema Blend spent some time on the set of Term Life, and came back with some tidbits to share.  Vince Vaughn had a few things to add about the film, noting that he was drawn to it for its unique take on family life:

“I liked the dynamic of the father-daughter relationship and I liked the complications of these relationships…It made for something that felt very fresh…which I think is nice.”

Vaughn isn’t the focus of the article, which is decidedly more focused on the director, Peter Billingsley. Billingsley and Vaughn apparently have a relationship that goes back far. It’s always good to hear about a project behind described as good and fresh, but that doesn’t always end up translating well into the actual film when all is said and done.

Term Life is a smaller project based on a graphic novel. This probably has something to do with the fact that larger outlets like Entertainment Weekly aren’t running spreads on it. If it does well, that will likely change. As it stands now, there is very little hype momentum surrounding Term Life. It’s going to have to create a huge buzz in theaters to get people to pay attention.

Check out another trailer for Term Life:

It wouldn’t be farfetched for most Vine Vaughn fans to not even know this movie is happening. Really, though, it doesn’t look like the sort of film to be for the typical Vaughn fan. This movie will hopefully usher in a new era for Vince Vaughn, who has only drama films on the horizon.