This Week in True Detective: Term Life Edition

This Week in True Detective brings the best of True Detective news from the past week.

Vince Vaughn’s upcoming film, Term Life, hasn’t been getting much attention. It’s true that we recently devoted an edition of This Week in True Detective to Vince Vaughn, but since Term Life came up multiple times this week — and it could use some help — we decided to devote some more attention to it.

First up, USA Today was able to nab an exclusive new Term Life clip in which Vince Vaughn’s haircut gets made fun of. Jus like it should be, by the way. Term Life is based on a graphic novel, and even though comic book movies are huge right now, this isn’t a superhero story and so it doesn’t really qualify for the hype.


Cinema Blend took some time to tour the Term Life set and learned a few things. Unless Term Life becomes a surprise sleeper hit, don’t expect to see a similar spread in Entertainment Weekly.

Colin Farrell talked a little about his character, Percival Graves, in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The film is still holding a lot of information close to its chest, so it’s exciting to hear the stars talk about it. Continuing with the theme of other projects, the first images of The Magnificent Seven were released. Nic Pizzolatto worked on the original script, but it’s been rewritten since.

The showrunner of Angie Tribeca says that the show will take inspiration from the second season of True Detective. That is to say, it will be needlessly confusing to the point of hilarity. We hope, anyway.

We also wondered if True Detective should re-cast old actors in future seasons, though not to the extent that American Horror Story does it.

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