HBO Lists True Detective as Streaming the “Complete Series.”

In an ad before Game of Thrones, HBO listed True Detective as “complete.”

HBO seems to be playing fast and loose with the hearts of True Detective fans. The series has not been renewed for a third season, though there has been more than enough evidence to consider the project ongoing. Before the season premiere of Game of Thrones, however, HBO listed True Detective as being “complete” in terms of streaming.

The ad in question went through various HBO series and currently popular movies. For series still airing, such as Silicon Valley and Veep, HBO stated that they were streaming “all episodes.” Shows like Boardwalk Empire and Rome were listed as “complete series.” As was True Detective.

Is HBO trying to tell us something?

Did they secretly cancel True Detective and decide to let us know through an ad before Game of Thrones? No, probably not. It’s important to note that the commercial only featured clips of season two, and not the first season. It terms of an anthology series, that’s an important distinction. When it comes to True Detective and streaming, it’s possible that HBO is considering season two as being its own series.

The ad didn’t show season one, which would have been a wise move if the series really was over. HBO would have wanted to include a clip of the first season as it was, by far, the better received season. Without an official renewal, it is technically true that True Detective is currently over. We don’t know when it will be back, but we deeply believe it will be.

Until that time, it appears that HBO is willing to let True Detective rest for a while. It would be wise not to get bogged down by terms like “complete series.” True Detective is an anthology series, and every season is its own “complete series.”