The First Trailer for The Night Of is Here and it Brings the True Detective Vibe

HBO’s upcoming miniseries, The Night Of, shows off its heavy True Detective vibe.

There will be no new season of True Detective this summer, which isn’t all that strange considering that the firsts season didn’t air in the summer either. It is, however, a sign that we don’t know when the third season of True Detective will arrive.

HBO has set up a sort of replacement in the form of a new ministers, The Night Of. The first look just popped up, and it even uses a similar font to True Detective’s. Check it out:

The John Turturro-starring miniseries definitely looks to be going after the True Detective audience. The teaser is suitably dark with ambient background music and few lines. It’s all atmosphere.

Without a new season of True Detective this year, HBO would have no crime drama. This way they can lure in the True Detective fans that perhaps weren’t going to check  in with HBO this summer at all. It’s a smart move.

The Night Of is billed only as a miniseries, a format that HBO has a lot of experience in. Similar to past HBO projects, expect this one to be treated something like an event and for them to advertise it more and more as the premiere gets closer. Of course, also expect award chatter.

It may technically be a bit too early to talk awards, but an award season without an HBO miniseries present is a rare beast. Hopefully The Night Of will be able to not only keep True Detective fans entertained during the hiatus, but also be good enough to dram in new audiences.

It certainly has a compelling feel to it, though we may be approaching the fatigue point on dark crime dramas.