This Week in True Detective: Complete Edition

This Week in True Detective brings the best of True Detective news from the past week.

Another week goes by is another week without any movement on True Detective season three.  At least, none that we can see. That doesn’t, however, mean that interesting things aren’t happening. Interesting things are happening all the time, man.

First up, we talked about True Detective season three not actually being in limbo. It would seem to the average eye that the series is not currently moving, but that is most likely not actually the case. The work being done on True Detective is not currently fit for public consumption. When the time is right for an announcement, HBO will shout it from the rooftops.

That leads directly in the next topic, which is that HBO apparently currently considered True Detective as “complete.” This was made evident in a short ad for streaming that HBO has been running lately. No, HBO did not cancel True Detective without telling you.

It’s likely a move to tell us that season three is not currently in production on the standard, public level. That’s fine — we’ve known for a while now that True Detective would be taking some time off.

It announced that Sherlock Holmes 3 has found anew writer to rework a previously existing script. It has been several years since the last entry in the franchise, and Robert Downey Jr. is arguably a bigger star now than he was then. But we’re not here to talk about him — Rachel McAdams and Kelly Reilly previously featured in the Sherlock Holmes films.


Whether they’ll return for the next one is anyone’s guess, as the only confirmed returning roles are for Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

Finally, HBO showed off the first footage for its True Detective replacement show, The Night Of. The new miniseries certainly takes some cues from True Detective, at least in trailer form. We’ll have to wait until the summer to see how deep the resemblance really goes.

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