True Detective Season 2: Why Brad Pitt is a terrible option as series star

It seems that no matter how hard we all roll out eyes at them, the rumors of Brad Pitt being cast in True Detective keep coming back like a bad rash we want to get rid of. That’s a bit harsh to say when talking about an icon and brilliant talent like Pitt, but mention of him taking on a sole detective role in season two of the show is just a plan bad idea — which again, seems hard and rather odd.

Pitt is a true talent and one of the best actors in cinema history, and I’m sure he’d turn in a brilliant and tortured portrayal of a detective in season two. But let’s not lose sight of what we’re all clamoring for in the cast and that’s more central female characters.

Casting the epitome of the female fantasy seems to be bit insulting actually, as you don’t get further from central female character than Brad Pitt.

But let’s not burn this Brad pItt bridge altogether, as he could play a brilliant  supporting role that adds weight to the power of the female leads. Imagine an A-list star like Pitt in a role where he’s dominated by female characters and is pushed to the background by whoever leads the show.

Not only that, but the show is starting to become all about which A-List stars will get cast, so toying with the importance of their roles would also help add weight to the lead characters.

It’s a long shot that Pitt will even be involved in the series, but if he is, it might not be a bad idea to give him a role we aren’t  him playing.

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